Three Trees Workshop

Planting Trees, Changing Lives

TFTF seedlings.jpg

We partner with Trees for the Future to plant 5 trees for every product we sell. So far, we’ve helped plant more than 17,000 trees! But our support does much more than just plant trees. Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden projects support families in sub-Saharan Africa, including Uganda and Kenya where we’ve lived, by equipping them with resources and sustainable practices for increasing incomes, fostering self-sufficiency, and transforming lives. We’re excited to have a positive impact on the environment and on people’s lives. You can learn more about this work here.

"Trees for the Future is improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. Since 1989, with our experience in planting over 127 million trees all over the world, we have demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping people break out of the poverty trap while also addressing the global environment. Today, our work in East and West Africa is helping to build a world where people can leave a legacy of opportunity through sustainable practices and productive lands for future generations."

Our Local Community

We're committed to supporting organizations that promote the wellbeing of vulnerable or marginalized people, around the world and in our own community. Locally, we contribute to Johnson County Board of Services and Sheltered Workshop's Scholarships for Skills program, which helps individuals with developmental disabilities become more self-sufficient. Our donations have helped outfit their woodworking shop with tools and safety equipment.

We love that we're able to spend our days doing work we enjoy, building our own business, and embracing this sweet phase of our family's life. At the same time, we believe that our own peace and joy are somehow incomplete until there is peace and joy for everyone. We're compelled not just to wish the world were a better place, but to do our small part to make it that way.