Three Trees Workshop

Our new place

Cynthia EppComment
site of our new workshop

This may just look like empty green space, but we think it's pretty lovely. It’s the future site of our new workshop! Three Trees has been steadily growing over the past year and a half and we've outgrown the little (tiny) shop space that we started in. It's definitely time to expand our operation. If you look closely, you can see some of the flags marking out the location of the new shop.

We're looking forward to what this next step means for our business. We’ll be able to keep up with demand and explore new product offerings. Building our own shop means that we can set it all up the way we want it, right from the beginning. And Nathan's looking forward to just having a little more space to work in!

We're also excited about what this means for us as a family. On the other side of that shady green lot is a house--our house. We are so thankful for the opportunity to buy a home and settle our little family in. And keeping the business close to home is really ideal for us. Nathan’s commute is just a few steps and the proximity makes it possible for me to be home with Abigail and still keep up with Three Trees stuff. Abigail gets to visit her daddy in the shop and the three of us are able to eat lunch together every day.

The next few months will be hectic and probably stressful at times, but we know the end result will be well worth the growing pains!