Three Trees Workshop

It takes a village

Cynthia EppComment

We’re a small business. We started really small. Our first workshop was a one-car garage, which held all of our equipment and lumber, leaving barely enough room for a person to turn around, let alone work. I’m still amazed at what Nathan was able to make in that tiny space.

Last summer, it became clear that we were outgrowing our space, as a family and as a business. We bought a home with room on the property to put up a building and secured a microloan from a local business development organization to help finance the new shop. With a few run of the mill delays, construction on the shell of the shop finally wrapped up in the fall as the busy holiday season loomed. It was a bit of a scramble to get it to a useable state in time to start filling Christmas orders.

Friends and family members pitched in to do the insulation and wiring, install the ceiling, lights, and heater, run a gas line, and move everything over from the old shop to the new one. They came back to blow in more insulation and put up some interior walls.


They didn’t stop there. They also helped with a lot of prep work for filling those holiday orders--sanding toys, counting marbles, sorting chess pieces, assembling boxes, tying on tags, even making post office runs to drop off packages--not to mention entertaining the little one while we worked to get orders out the door.

2016-11-17 11.05.49.jpg

As a family and a business, we value community and connectedness. We’ve experienced ups and downs in the life of our young business, but the support we received over the past few months is one of the high points. We’ve been touched and humbled by the generosity of people who care about us and believe in what we’re doing enough to spend time and energy to helping us through some pretty hectic times. We're so grateful for our community!